Aquaculture Site Evaluation

Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 4:47:00 PM

I am out of the office tomorrow to conduct an aquaculture site evaluation. The aquaculture site evaluation can be either on new projects or an established fish farm. This service includes an onsite visit as well as a preliminary report on the fitness of the site for aquaculture. The report will generate a list of recommendation on the appropriate steps towards bringing a site to its full potential. This will allow you to evaluate whether to move forward on an aquaculture project or pursue another direction. I can also help you to investigate other uses for the property that might include aquaculture as it integrates with other income generating projects such as a greenhouse or recreational fishing.

This will also opens up the lines of communication as you move forward on the project. I am available to answered questions and help with decisions in the initial stages of your project. I also offer a monthly fee structure that engages me as an advisor to your project.If additional work is needed for design or other more specific consultation, this would be handled under a separate contract.