ProAqua Inc. President, Tony Vaught to Present at Aquaculture Europe in San Sebastian Spain

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 @ 5:57:00 PM
Join us at Aquaculture Europe in San Sebastian Spain!!!

Tony Vaught, President and founder of ProAqua Inc., will be speaking on the topic of Assessment of Established Aquaculture Facilities.


Aquaculture professionals have developed tools for assessing potential new sites for aquaculture facilities. However, aquaculture's growth and increased demand for aquaculture products has created new interest in obtaining professional evaluations of both operational and vacated aquaculture facilities, for efficiency, expansion, investment opportunities and accusations. Environmental and marketing trend need to be studied as it relates to production techniques and consumer demands.


Tony S. Vaught (Author/presenter)

President and CEO ProAqua Inc.


Fred S. Conte, PhD (CoAuthor)

Extension Aquaculture Specialist

Department of Animal Science

University of California, Davis

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