Aquaculture Europe Update: Tony's Return

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 2:37:00 PM

Tony Vaught of Professional Aquaculture Services returned from Aquaculture Europe with up to date information on technical, marketing and regulatory direction of aquaculture in Europe and world wide.




Where do fish originate

* 65 % of the fish consumed in Europe are imported

* 25% are wild caught

* 10 % come from aquaculture in Europe.


The European consumer is asking for fish of larger size that can be filleted. Smaller one serving fish are losing popularity.


Europe wants to:


*Increase innovation and economic growth.

*Remove bottlenecks to production.

*Diversify and investigate new aquaculture products such as native species and marine algae farming.


Check out all the abstracts presented at Aquaculture Europe 2014 by using this link and review the diversity of what is going on around the world in aquaculture.