Photo Gallery: Fish: Striped Bass
For the first time in California, a domestic brood stock of striped bass (Morone saxatilis) has spawned and resulted in the production of domestic striped bass fingerlings. Tony Vaught, owner of Professional Aquaculture Service reported that in 1995 and 1996, the domestic brood stock held at his site since 1989 spawned and resulted in the production of the first domestic crop of striped bass fingerlings in the state. The fish are marketed to other growers and will be grown to brood stock to continue the line. At the production facility, located in Chico California, Mr. Vaught developed a viable brood stock by the manipulation of temperature, and diet. The fish in some cases spawned without the use of hormone injection. He plans to refine the process to reduce the time required to bring the brood stock to maturity and to move towards year round production of larvae. P.A.S. has continued to improve the genetic fitness of its stocks to perform as a new production fish for pond and tank culture. In 2003 fish were stocked in open ponds and brought to market size at densities surpassing that of channel catfish. Striped bass can be raised in fresh, brackish or salt water. The fish command a higher price than many fresh water fish offered in urban live fish markets.

P.A.S. provides striped bass to a variety of markets. These include fish for stocking of fresh water lakes in California, the production of fingerlings as well as an export market to other growers of striped bass outside the United States. Mr. Vaught has committed his firm to the production of a domestic striped bass for aquaculture.

Larva, fingerling and market size fish are available on a seasonal basis. Orders must be places for larva and fingerlings by March of each year to secure a place in the production cycle.
Striped bass tanks
Loading 10,000 pounds of Stiped bass for transport to the Sacramento River Delta.
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