California Natural Resources Agency Permit (Fish Stocking)

Once received, this application will be reviewed by our staff for accuracy and any needed changes. The application will then be emailed to the applicant. It is then the responsibility of the applicant to sign and send, with payment, to the appropriate Department of Fish and Game regional office indicated in the instructions.

For township range and section information (found on the application) please visit the map found here.

California Natural Resources Agency DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME
APPLICATION FOR PRIVATE STOCKING PERMIT Pursuant to Section 6401, Fish and Game Code
(2017 Application Fee: $61.03)

Location of Water:

  • Natural lake
  • Artificial pond
  • Stream/River
  • Aquarium

Size of Water:



  • Public
  • Private
  • Combination of Public and Private

  • Closed
  • Open to the public with no fee
  • Open to the public with a fee

Species Number Size