We are a full service aquaculture firm. We offer fish stocking, aquaculture consulting, lake and pond products, and much more.

Our Experience

Tony Vaught has been helping private and public lake owners with stocking programs and lake management services since the 1970s. 

Vaught has continually contributed to the aquaculture industry, working with state hatchery programs and studies, and consulting new aquaculture ventures throughout the world.

• 40 years experience in a pioneering industry
• Production experience with most California grown fin fish
• Management and supervisory skills
• International business knowledge
• Project development and construction abilities
• Consults on feasibility, design, and construction of new production sites as well as existing sites
• Advises farms, covering breeding, spawning, rearing, marketing, processing, and distribution of fish
• Represents companies to brand, develop, and market products and equipment for Aquaculture

California Aquaculture Association –President (board member since 1979)
US Department of Commerce Exchange of Foreign Expert Program (1995 to present)
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife- Aquaculture Industry Advisory Committee (1980 – present)
California Farm Bureau Aquaculture Commodity Committee. (1980 – 1985 and 2006 – present)

Free Stocking Plan and Quote

IMPORTANT: To receive fish, buyer must abide by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife stocking regulations and have an active stocking permit, if applicable.

To purchase fish, please provide information below. We will then develop and deliver a stocking plan tailored to your pond or lake.

    Age of Pond:

    Are Aquatic Weeds Present?

    Is Regular Feeding Convenient?

    Is the Pond Subject to Summer Drawdown?

    The Professional Aquaculture Services (PAS) experienced staff has been helping private and public lake owners with stocking programs and lake management services for over 40 years. We are based in California and service ponds and lakes throughout the nation. In addition to lake and pond stocking, we have the ability to ship fish to any location for smaller fish stocking needs, including hobbyist and aquaponics projects.

    Let us help with all of your aquaculture needs